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Terms and conditions of use, and acceptable ways of behaving users of Rent-forest.com Website exist to protect users of Rent-forest.com services, travel agency "Rent-forest.com" and other Internet users from irresponsible, harassing, disruptive, and ultimately cases and illegal activities. By following the terms of use, you will ensure yourself and other users a more comfortable and productive use of the "rent-forest.com" services.

By using this website, or any service from the "rent-forest.com" offer, you accept the terms and conditions of use stated here. Therefore, we ask you to read and respect the terms of use, because otherwise, due to non-compliance, you will bear the consequences prescribed by law, or this contract. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of use of this site, we advise you not to use them.


The contents and services on the Rent-forest.com Website are available to users, visitors and business partners, in accordance with the conditions set out in this agreement. The content and services on this site are primarily intended for all those interested in the possibilities and development of Croatian tourism.

The materials published on the Rent-forest.com Website are of a commercial and informative nature, and users may use them exclusively for personal purposes. The purpose of the Rent-forest.com website is to inform interested users about the tourist offer of the Croatian Adriatic. With a wealth of information, thematic groupings, and internal search capabilities, we want to ensure the full availability of various information, which will have a crucial impact on the user when choosing a location, accommodation and how to spend their vacation.

We pay special attention to the quality presentation of Rent-forest.com private accommodation capacity. Lots of detailed information and photos related to the building, the interior of each accommodation unit within the building, terraces, balconies, views from the building, garden and yard, parking space, beaches closest to the building, and the most beautiful beaches in the place, and the riviera and the attached 3D views of each of the accommodation units give a realistic insight into the accommodation capacity to be booked, and as such are the best guarantee of eliminating unpleasant surprises upon arrival.


Rent-forest.com undertakes to take all reasonable steps to reliably provide accurate and quality information. However, we hereby inform the user of the fact that errors, omissions and delays in updating the data, and typographical errors may occur without liability "Rent-forest.com".

Due to the fact that all information, data and photos related to private accommodation are collected by Rent-forest.com staff, therefore, responsibility for errors, omissions and delays in updating this part of the website Rent-forest.com assumes, in accordance with the general conditions providing accommodation services in private capacities of natural persons.


This web site is intended exclusively for your personal and non-commercial use. No modification, reproduction, distribution, direct transmission, display, presentation, reproduction, publication, authorization, creation of derivatives, sale of information, software, products or services owned by this web site is permitted. The exception is the commercial use of the website by Rent-forest.com business partners agreed in a special cooperation agreement.


Travel agency "Rent-forest.com" is the sole owner of the conceptual and implementation project, and all software applications on the www.rent-forest.com site are owned by Rent-forest.com and its partners. The author of all information on the portal is Rent-forest.com in cooperation with its partners. Those contents that are not the property of Rent-forest.com will be specially highlighted and marked. If you notice any copyright infringement, please notify us by e-mail: webmaster@rent-forest.com, so that they can be removed from our site, unless you reach a different agreement with the author or owner.

All photographs, and in particular photographs bearing the Rent-forest.com trademark, are the exclusive property of Rent-forest.com. All materials on the website are copyrighted by Rent-forest.com. The Rent-forest.com user and visitor may not copy or use the information for commercial purposes without the knowledge and written permission of Rent-forest.com. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to media entities and other partner travel agencies to use these materials exclusively for promotional, editorial and informational purposes of publication in newspapers, magazines and electronic media, and the websites of our partner agencies, and in accordance with

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