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Vienna in spring time

Published by   Neven Palčec
Published:   2021-02-08  |   Updated:   2021-02-08

“What to do in Vienna throughout the seasons”.
After having already talked to you about summer in Viennaautumn in Vienna and winter in Vienna, now it is time for spring in Vienna. Well I have to admit that for now spring we haven’t seen it too much yet… Since our days are still punctuated by small snowflakes and this icy little wind that freezes you to your toes… But here we are, just because we still haven’t put away the down jackets doesn’t mean we can’t get ready for the months to come!

When the sun comes back, Vienna is really a city that offers many possibilities of activities, whether it is outdoors or indoor activities for the greyer days.

Let’s start with one of the most classic tours of Vienna, the visit of Schönbrunn Palace. Of the more than 1400 rooms in the castle, 42 have been opened to the public. The castle is best known for having been the summer residence of Emperor Francis Joseph I and his wife, the famous Empress Sissi. Beyond the castle, which can be visited all year round, I particularly recommend spring to stroll through the sumptuous park and gardens of the castle! At the end of winter, when the first buds start to bloom and the statues, packed for winter, start showing off their faces again, the walk along the flowered paths is really superb! Moreover, I strongly advise you to climb to the top of the Gloriette in order to enjoy the panoramic view of the gardens, the castle and the city of Vienna.

The city of Vienna has many attractions, but one of the main ones is probably music! Indeed, the Austrian capital is probably the paradise on earth for lovers of classical music as well as opera. There are many concert halls, but the most famous and majestic one is most probably the Staatsoper! Located a stone’s throw from Saint Charles Square, this 1869 building is definitely a masterpiece of the city’s historical heritage. If you come to visit Vienna I guarantee you that it would be a shame to miss its visit! However, let’s be honest, tickets to an opera are sold at a golden price. Generally they vary between 50 and 250€ for correct seats… But if you can afford it it will certainly be an unforgettable experience for you! Indeed, during an evening at the opera, be prepared to see all classes and genders mixed! I was quite amused to see ladies in big dresses with white gloves, hats and little twins, but also tourists in jeans and sneakers wearing a rather dubious T-shirt! Yes yes yes I know I’m a bit hard to put the jean guy in the tourist class right away, but that’s the case! Besides, if I think about it, I don’t really plan to wear super glamorous outfits in my backpack for the world tour, so if I ever attend a classy event I’ll probably be like that… Ouch!
Anyway, whatever your style of clothing, an appointment not to be missed if you go to the opera is the sausage stall in front of the entrance!

Now you’re probably wondering if I’m crazy!

But no, I promise you that this is an old and well established tradition: before the opera it is advisable to eat a “Wurst mit Kern” (meaning sausage and horseradish)… Bon appétit!

Otherwise, a good plan for those who do not want to spend so much to attend an opera but who still want to discover a little bit of the magic of the place, it should be noted that there are tours organized in the late morning. These tours will take you to the heart of the opera house and behind the scenes. It’s really a great way to discover this magical place!

Tour of the Prater Ferris wheel
There’s nothing like taking a little height to admire a city! And if you want to do it in an atypical and old setting then think about taking a Ferris wheel ride in the Prater Park! Personally, I’ve always loved this place. This old-fashioned amusement park looks like a ghost village straight out of an old movie!
A word of advice: try to go in the morning to get fewer people. Or if you have patience for queues then a walk at the end of the day with evening lights is really a must too!

The Spanish Horseback Riding School
One of the particularities of Vienna is also its horses! So even if I’m not the biggest fan of holding horses in the city and using them mainly to pull carriages, I’m forced to admit that when you walk around the city center and hear in the distance the sound of a carriage approaching it has a certain charm…
But the horses I’m going to talk about today are not the same as those who find themselves pulling tourists in need of a vintage feeling… No, the horses at the riding school are all magnificent Lipizzan stallions perfectly trained and trained to walk and almost dance to the sound of music.
I’m probably not the best person to tell you about the subtleties of dressage work because the equestrian field is not too much of a hobby of mine… But on the other hand, one of my best friends, who is a great horseback riding enthusiast, came to visit me and she was literally overwhelmed by the quality of the show!

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